Privacy policy & Terms and Conditions of use

Sandefjord, 05.11.2018

The following terms and conditons apply to the use of 3DL (Product). The Product can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play or Windows store and may be available also through web site.

The Product is the delivered by App Studio AS, org. nr 914 813 948 (“App Studio”). The product is available for teachers (Teachers) through an educational institution (School) or independently. Students (Students)  also can have access to the product.


Short Summary

  1. App and web page are free for the Teachers and Students to use.
  2. The information we store in our database include the Name, School, Grade and Email address. These information are stored to provide relevant information to the users.
  3. We store data on activities you perform in the app. Activities performed by students who are associated with a school and class may be shared with the teachers. We also use it for our analysis of use of the app in order to make the app better.
  4. We do not share your information with other organizations for commercial purposes.


More Details

  1. App Studio is accountable for the content and the platform. App Studio AS does not guarantee that all the content is accurate. The content delivered is only for the purpose of education and cannot be used for other purposes.
  2. End Users (Teachers and Students) are accountable to update to the latest version of the operating system and the app through the respective marketplaces. We recommend that the users activate Push Messages function, if available, for optimal benefits and information flow.
  3. App Studio is not accountable for failures that may come up as a result of upgrades to the operating systems. App Studio has no responsibility for direct or indirect losses resulting from the use of the app.
  4. Students and Teachers give their consent to App Studio to use specific information about the users and the usage of the App. These information will be used only for the purpose of providing better services to the Students and Teachers. Such purpose includes bettering of the app based on usage analysis, sharing of Information on activties by the student with the Teachers, generating summary reports that can enable teachers to deliver better education etc. The following date is stored:
  • Student and Teachers Name, schools, Grade and Email Address.
  • Student and Teachers activities carried out on the app including clicks, time used in the system, results from Quizzes, Puzzles and other forms of tests.
  1. Student and teachers have the right to know what data we have stored about them and also request deletion of data by sending an email to
  2. The use of personal information is regulated in the Databehandleravtale.
  3. Students and Teachers can ask their accounts to be permanently deleted by sending a mail to
  4. Content and Platform are the sole property of App Studio AS. Content delivered through the platform to the Students and Teachers cannot be copied, reverse engineered or used outside of the product. App Studio AS can claim damages for violation of this regulation.
  5. Students and teachers shall use the product in line with the laws of Norway and are liable to pay compensation for any loss incurred by App Studio AS due to incorrect or illegal use of  the product.

Parties agree to resolve any disputes through arbitration. If dispute between the parties cannot be solved through arbitration the legal proceedings shall be at Sandefjord, Norway