We believe that learning should be more digital and interactive. That is why we’ve made a platform that makes education easier for teachers and more fun for students. It utilizes the latest in VR and AR technologies to provide a school with everything it needs to increase engagement and skill levels of students. Our solution does not require fancy equipment. It can be used with materials that already exist in a classroom, such as projectors, Smart Boards etc.





VR Glasses


Students are growing up in a world where computers, smartphones and tablets are a big part of their everyday life. They can be helpful on a daily basis, but in a school setting, they often become a distraction.

Instead of trying to eliminate the distraction, we chose to transform it into a resource that can make the education better. Our database of 2D and 3D content is fully compatible with most smartphones and tablets. All students need to do is to download an app.

This means that smartphones and tablets become tools for learning instead of sources of entertainment. The same can be achieved with VR glasses. Teachers who’ve used VR glasses in their classes report back a higher level of engagement among students.


Several studies show that the use of digital tool makes students more attentive in class and score better on tests.

It’s easy to understand why. VR and AR are something children and teenagers still associate with fun and games. To see the same technology in a classroom makes them see education in a new, more exciting light.

Teachers who already have used digital tools in their classrooms say that they have experienced better communication with their students, and seen an increase in levels of skill and more interest in learning.


Our solution utilizes AR and VR technology to deliver content that engages students in a whole new way. It can help with:

  • Explain difficult concepts
  • Better include students with learning disabilities during class
  • Illustrate things that are hard to observe in everyday life
  • Engage students with 3D exercises and quizzes
  • Allow students to test their new knowledge in an interactive 3D environment


Our content is tailored to the needs of high schools and middle-grade schools. Right now we offer content for Health and Social Care study discipline, as well as natural science for middle grade. More subjects will be added in the near future.

A licence can be bought by a school or by a county on behalf of all the schools under its administration. One licence includes a platform, digital content, continuous upgrades of software and content, and 5 hours of training for teachers.

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One licence includes an app for students to view and use our database of 2D and 3D content. The app is simple to install and can be used even by the youngest students.

Teachers also get their own app that can be installed directly on a computer or used online. The app allows them to access the database and control what the students can see on their devices. This way the content in our database can be tailored to each individual class.

Get in touch for more details about the specific content of the database.