The Covid – 19 Pandemi has accelerated the use of digital teaching and learning tools.  Communication tools, learning management and evaluation tools are broadly available. Engaging content that students and teachers can use with 3D Models, 3D Animations and Videos are limited. 3DL app fills this need. The app is available across all regular platforms. In addition the mobile and tablets version supports AR. A separate app is also available for specific VR devices. 

3D Models

3D Animations




Who are our customers?

Our customers are schools, school districts and states. Our app is ideal for Primary, middle and high schools. It is primarily used by  teachers and students. As a digital learning resource, 3DL has several unique features. 

A B2C version is available for direct consumers.  

The app is in use in the Norwegian schools and, through a reseller network, we aim to make 3DL available to schools in other parts of the world. It is also used by some International schools in Norway (International Baccuelerate (IB) syllabus)

The schools pay an annual suscription fee that is based on number of students enrolled in the school

How do customers use the app?

3DL apps put the user in control. Each user uses it in a way that suits them best and gives the best learning outcomes. Here are some examples:

  • Teachers use 3D models, animations and videos in the classroom to explain or create videos and share them with students in flipped classroom situations
  • Quizzes and puzzles are used by teachers to create collective learning scenarios in the classrooms
  • Students use the content to learn on their own, research, create their own videos, assess themselves using quizzes, puzzles and other activities. 
  • AR – Surface detection and Image recognition are used to engage students and create activity
  • VR apps are used to engage students
  • 3DL app helps teachers increase engagement, participation and activities in the classroom


What are we looking for in a reseller?

We have a product that is different from most digital learning resources such as e-books and other text based content. While we are adding textual content, we believe in giving freedom to students and teachers to use 3DL in the manner that suits them best. You are an ideal reseller if you satisfy several of these requirements


  • Already involved in the education sector, ideally in EdTech
  • Supplier to schools. 
  • Experienced in delivering tenders for large purchases
  • Already have an E-learning solution and wish to integrate 3DL into your solution. 
  • Have a good network within the teachers community

What is our commitment?

Our commitments include:

  • Translation to West European languages
  • Setting up the structure to suit your country or your region
  • New functionalities are added regularly to the app
  • Content library is expanded on a regular basis
  • New activities are added every half year
  • 99.5% service availability
  • Special development to meet a particular market requirement will be taken up on cost sharing basis. 
  • 2nd and 3rd line support. 
  • Financially rewarding

Our commitments will help you focus on retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers

What do I need to invest?

We need resellers to back their interest with financial commitment and subject expertise. Financial commitment starts from as low as $5000. Exclusive distribution rights and multi region rights require a higher upfront investment. A part of your upfront investment is adjusted towards sale commitments. 

We also require our resellers to set up the structure that ideally suits your region and syllabus. 

Translation costs are borne by us. 


How long do you take to decide?

We are an agile company. We move quickly, but carefully. 

You can send in your details here. We will then evaluate, take a video conference call with you, sign an NDA and demonstrate the app to you. Once we have arrived at an agreement and the initial financial transaction is completed, it will take us between 30 and 60 days dependent on various factors.