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Families & Children

Parents and students can subscribe to the 3DL app. With the 3DL app, students can create their own explanation videos, answer quizzes and complete puzzles. Explore 3D models and learn terminologies. You can use 3DL on PC, Mac, iPad and Mobile telephones.  3DL is all about visualization and engagement.

3D Models

3D animations




Who can use 3DL?

3DL App is built for students from kindergarden to high school. It is ideal for students in Primary and Middle school. At the high school level, most of the content is on Human Anatomy. 3D Models are an effective way to learn.

What differentiates 3DL from other apps? 3DL provides students with basic inputs and encourages them to learn through gathering data from multiple sources. We focus on visualization and basic labels. The students can then use online resources to get more information

Through this process they EXPLORE and EXAMINE. They can explain what they have learnt by creating videos using our 3D models and Videos 

How big is the content library?

We have over 1000+ content elements as of March 2020. These include:

3D Models, Layered 3D Models, 3D animations, Videos, Quiz, Puzzles, Classification exercises

We add new content every month. We also add new functionalities that help you make better use of the product. 

With an annual subscription you are eligible for all the updates. With a one time purchase you do not get access to the content updates. 

How can I use 3D models?

With our 3D Models, you can:

  • Rotate, zoom and closely at the different parts of a 3D object
  • You can compare 2 models by placing them beside each others
  • You can use take out parts and look at it closer
  • Make your own explanation videos
  • Answer quizzes and puzzles. 
  • You can makes notes
  • You can annotate models, make screen shots and save them to your portfolio

How do I use AR on mobile and iPad

Augmented Reality (AR) is a great way to engage and learn. 

On iPad and supported mobile phones, you an turn on AR mode and bring up 3D models on your desk, in your living room or out in the open. 

You can move around the model, move towards it and learn about them 

You can use our Astronomy module to learn where the planets are in relation to you and where they would be at different points in time. 

Quizzes and Puzzles

Quizzes and puzzles help you to test how good you are, but also helps a lot in the learning progress. 

We offer over 200 different quizzes and puzzles and soon we will have even more. The aim is for our users to learn without the pressure of competing with others.

VR On Oculus Go and Quest

VR is very engaging for all. It places the user into a virtual world with no distractions. Our VR solution is comfortable to use. 

Users can explore and examine the content in an interactive setup. You are able to see the different parts, move the objects around and view them from all angles. You can play puzzles and answer quizzes in VR. 

You can also create your own world in VR with the models that we have. We will be adding several 100 more toon models and textures enabling creativity with almost no boundaries. 

The VR app is offered as a separate license.