Privacy policy – Children

3D Learning AS is a Norwegian company located in Sandefjord. Our contact information is: 3D Learning 3DL

Breiliveien 45
N-3217 Sandefjord

E-mail: / / Telefon: +4796690080 / +4797653546

We are the ones making the 3DL-programme you have a user account on.

The school you attend or the municipality you live in, has bought 3DL for you – the reason you now have user account on 3DL. The school’s/municipality’s task is to provide you with good teaching aids that makes you can learn in a good way. According to a law called the Education Act, you have the right to receive good teaching aids.

We need some information about you for you to log in and start using 3DL. We store this information on large servers in the AZURE cloud in Europe. This is what we need to know from you:

* Username, password and information that helps us know that you are who you are
* Information about your school, your class/group and your teacher
* Information about all the activities you do, when they were done, how long you spent and your answers to the quizzes etc.
* Information if you send us a message within the 3DL programme
* Information about the ones who ordered the 3DL and things related to this
We at 3DL store this information as long as the school/municipality wants us to store it. if they no longer want to use 3DL or you quit school – the information related to you will be deleted no longer than 18 months after or sooner if the school/municipality request it.

If you want us to delete the information about you now – you have to contact the school you attend.

If you receive a message that your information is about to be deleted, and you do not want it deleted – you can contact us if you want it to be stored further.

We at 3DL are very strict about who gets to see the information about you – and do not hand it over to anyone else. It is only you and your teachers that can see it. In addition, some of those who work with the servers in 3DL can see the information about you, this in case you or your teacher contact us. Those serving the servers we store all data on, will also have access to this information.

Everybody in 3DL, all people serving our servers and those who can see the information about you, have to sign an agreement that what they see is secret and that they cannot tell anyone else about this. We have an overview of when people look at your information and that they have a good reason for doing it. We also check our servers regularly to make sure they are secure and that no unauthorized person can access the information about you.

Best regards

3D Learning 3DL


1. 3D Learning som databehandler

3D Learning 3DL, which owns and operates 3DL, is a data processor that processes personal information on behalf of a responsible party, usually a school or municipality. Or if you are an individual user – after your consent.

Our contact information is:
3D Learning 3DL
Breiliveien 45
N-3217 Sandefjord

E-mail:;; Telefon: +4796669080 / +4797653546

2. About 3D Learning’s business

3D Learning supplies digital learning materials. Login in as a teacher or a student.

When you are logged in, you can work, see your own activity and any previous tasks in the teaching material. Teachers can also see this for their students (in the future)

3. The purpose of 3D Learning’s processing of personal information

Personal information is information and assessments that can be linked to one individual.

3D Learning stores personal information about the users:

  • To be able to offer central functionality in 3D Learning’s software, such as personal accounts where users can get an overview of what they have done and when they have done it.
  • So teachers can see their groups and follow progression as well as assign tasks for individuals and groups.
  • So 3D Learning can have an overview of which users have access to what material- there may be restrictions in what learning material different users should have access to.
  • To increase ease of use so the teachers do not have to spend time on students coming to / from a group.
  • To improve and develop new content and new functionality in the teaching materials
  • To be able to provide support and other follow-ups related to the customer and user relationship.

Those who have ordered 3DL, want you as a user to have access to good teaching aids so you can learn in a good way, which is required through the Education Act. This means that the 3D Learning’s personal data storage is authorized through the Education Act.

If you are an individual user, we store the personal information because you have requested an account in 3DL and has approved 3D Learning to process yours Personal Information.

4. Description of handling

3D Learning manages and stores the following personal information:

  • Information for each school: Internal ID, external ID, name, number of students at the school, address, coordinates
  • Information for each group / class: Internal ID, external ID, name, school, any person in special roles (contact person etc.)
  • Information for each person: Internal ID, external ID, name, username / e-mail, groups, role in groups (ex. Student / teacher), year grade, personal settings in the client (eg dialect/ language), information for troubleshooting and quality improvement (eg operating system, browser, anonymized usage data from 3rd party systems, etc.), other data the users itself generates on the system.
  • Information about the relationship to the customer: Contact persons and contact details to customer, purchase history, billing and payment details and history, other relevant dialogue related to the customer relationship.

At the start of the customer relationship, 3D Learning will ask to receive some of this information from the customer (typically FEIDE, school owner or individual schools). Other personal information, 3D Learning will get when the user starts using the program.

5. Physical storage of personal information

All 3D Learning personal information is stored in databases on servers. Continuous backups of the servers are done, and we always have stored backups for the latest 30 days. Backup servers are located on a different physical location than the main server for your data to be secured in case of fire or other physical destruction of the servers.

3D Learning has subcontractors who can process personal information:

Company: Simplifai Cognitive Services Pvt Ltd.
Address: India
Tasks: Project Management and full access to data
Agreement between 3D Learning and subcontractor: Data processing agreement June 2018
Company: Microsoft Ireland Operations, Ltd.
Address: Attn: Data Protection, One Microsoft Place, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, D18 P521
Tasks: Co-host, run update and correct bugs on hardware and OS at 3D Learnings servers
Agreement between 3D Learning and subcontractor: Microsoft Online Services Terms, updated Nov. 2018. Including Appendix 4 – Terms in the EU privacy regulation (GDPR)
Company: Petterson Apps LLC
Address: Ukraine
Tasks: Software and models development
Company: 4E Experience
Address: Poland
Tasks: Software and models development
Company: Ankit Gupta
Address: India
Tasks: Database management
Agreement between 3D Learning and subcontractor: Raygun Data Processing addendum.
Company:, INC.
Address: The Landmark @ One Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Tasks: Managing customer and usage conditions, including billing and support

All 3D Learning subcontractors are bound by and meet the requirements of GDPR privacy regulation, including by having servers in the EU / EEA area or through its own “Privacy Shield” obligations.

What applies to 3D Learning’s own databases, we have main servers for this, and backup are done continuously of these servers. Our backups store for at least 30 days to secure your data.

All communication between client computers and 3D Learnings servers that can contain personal information, are encrypted with standard TSL / SSL encryption.

6. Access to the personal information

Who has access to the stored personal information?

All personal information is only available on a “need to know” basis.
The following groups have access to the personal information:

Students have access to their personal account as well as the personal information that is linked to this. A group teacher will be able to get personal information about themselves and the students within the group.

3D Learning employees working with databases, testing and support.

A group of developers in 3D Learning are working on development, setup and optimization of the databases for the personal information. These have access to the information in the databases and are responsible for the backup routines. This is necessary to assure and develop the product.

Another group in 3D Learning is working with testing and support. They only have access to personal information when the user actively enters and sends an error message within the program. The person will then be able to obtain information about who has sent the error message. If the error message was related to a calculation, you also want to be able to bring up the task itself, what was written and the system response. Or they get access to personal information through physical meetings users.

Employees at subcontractors

Selected subcontractors may have limited access to 3D Learnings personal information. The EU privacy regulation sets very strict requirements to this, and all employees of the subcontractors are bound by this, see point 5.

7. Deleting personal information

The personal information is only stored on request and agreed with one treatment manager – usually a school or school owner who is a user / customer and has ordered licenses for 3DL. Or if you are an individual user – at your request.

3D Learning anonymizes and / or deletes all personal information so that they are no longer personal when the following occurs

  • When a responsible part – or when you, if you are an individual user – no longer want 3D Learning to process the personal information
  • Or 18 months after completing customer relationship.
  • Or 36 months of inactivity on the user account.

Contact us if you want your information deleted.

8. Your rights

You have the following rights:

  • You have the right to gain access to and to correct which personal information store about you.
  • If you are the responsible part or have ordered 3DL as an individual user you have the right to claim any personal information about you deleted.
  • As the responsible part or as an individual user, you can withdraw consent and permission for 3D Learning to process personal information on your behalf
  • You have the right to complain to a supervisory authority – in Norway this is the Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet).
  • You have the right to receive a copy of the personal data you have provided through 3DL. This is because 3D Learning can create a structured file in csv format with all your calculations and feedback. This is manual work for 3D Learning AS and we will charge for the time this actually takes – the amount of 500 NOK for individual users.

Whether other programs can import / read this file, is up to the developers of these programs to seek the necessary support for.