What is 3dl

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Cardiovascular System Turntable 3D

Eyeball Preview V2

How can we help your school?

Our focus is to make education easier for teachers and more fun for students, without complicating things. That is why we offer everything you need to digitize your classes right away.

Our solution consists of the newest 2D and 3D content. We also provide the equipment necessary to use it if needed. Everything is tailored to engage students more during classes and thereby increase the joy of learning.

It becomes more like a game where new skills are learned quickly, and test results increase.

Additionally, digital tools make the educational space more including for everybody.

VR and AR tools make it easier to work with students who have learning disabilities. They get a whole new type of mastery of subjects compared to traditional educational tools.

How does our product work?

We offer a platform with digital content tailored to needs of high school and middle-grade programs. The content varies from 2D and 3D picture, videos, and quizzes, to interactive VR and AR exercises.

All of this can be utilized with VR glasses or things that already exist in a traditional classroom, such as projectors and Smart Boards. It is also possible to use smartphones and tablets.

Everything is offered at a competitive price with no hidden fees. All of the abovementioned things are made available under one license that is provided to a particular study discipline or a whole school. The licence also includes continuous updates of software and content, as well as all necessary training for teachers.

Private use

Does your child attend a school where 3DL solutions are not available yet Don’t worry. Our solution is available for private use with your own equipment for a small monthly fee.

You will get access to the same database as a school would with the same quality content in 2D and 3D. What you do with it is up to you. You can use it to help your kids with homework or transform it into extracurricular activities for expanding their knowledge.

Are you in doubt if this is something to splurge on? We understand.
3D technology is still a very new phenomenon, and many feel that spending time and money on it can be unnecessary. But even though it’s not an everyday staple like our smartphone, it will be a big part of your children’s future.

More and more companies are testing out VR and 3D technology for interviews and training of new employees. Retail and online shopping are two of the most prominent users of such technology on an everyday basis.

The world is becoming more and more digital, and your kids should be prepared for it.