Schools have invested a lot in digital infrastructure, particularly in scandinavian countries. It has become common for schools to provide 1:1 digital devices to students.

Are these investments being used effectively? A very difficult question to answer and there is no correct answer. The general agreement is that more can be done.

Are e-books and videos adequate?

Most schools have adopted 1:1 digital devices. Schools use more and more digital learning material – Videos, E-books etc. Most publishers have a digital version of their books. In Norway, more and more publishers are focussing on a learning cycle within each topic that includes content consumption and assessment. Is that enough?


Giving the students the possiblity to Explore, Examine and Explain, while at the same time, providing tools for the teachers where they are able to do use the content in the manner that they seem fit, is the approach we have chosen. Good visualization, ability to be creative and providing the flexibility for each user to use content the way they see fit is of paramount importance.


The images above illustrate how you can effectively use 3D models and get the maximum learning outcome while engaging students effectively.


Explaining using written words has worked for most. But what if Teachers can make their own videos and share with students or students can make their own videos, using the 3D Models and videos, and submit to teachers? Enabling production of own content at the most basic levels, has a big value addition

Use the record button to make your video and share within your school


Quiz, Puslespill, sortering

Assessment need not be just to measure learning. Self assessment can be a tool in itself FOR learning. Quizzes and Puzzles are used in the classroom to for collective learning. Students can use these tools at home, in the bus or in the car for self improvement. Simple tools that have been effective.


Simplicity is important. Our goal is that teachers and students should be able to use the system easily. Users need to spend as little time as possible in learning a system. You should be able to use time to go through the content, see what is important for you and plan the teaching and learning. A simple menu and folder structure means you have more time for what you like best – Teaching and Learning.