Use of VR in schools presents both challenges and opportunities. These are not yet widely implemented in schools, but there is increasing traction to use these. One must always remember that these technologies are not a silver bullet nor a magic wand. These are tools that can engage the students and hopefully increase their learning.

The most common question we get is which VR headset is best suited. To answer that question, we must take into consideration several important factors

Content and activities

Which ever platform one chooses, you need to consider availability of content and activities that are available. What is the content that is available? Is it available in the language that I need it in?

Particularly in Europe, where we have languages other than English as the medium of instruction, this is an important exercise.

So, where do you get this information? One way is to always check out the App store pages for these devices. Go through this before you order the devices. Here are some links:


One is the cost of the equipment. This you can easily find on the web. It varies from Kr. 2200 to Kr. 20000. One also needs to consider Personal and Enterprise versions. Some suppliers have annual Enterprise License fees for the equipment. So, total cost of ownership would include the one-time purchase of equipment, annual enterprise license Apps are the other and most important cost. Generally, a single app or collection of apps that a school requires can be more than the cost of the hardware. One should be careful about Enterprise license and personal license. Most apps sold through stores are for personal license but have an option for enterprise license.


Consider logistics. How shall we store the VR glasses? How do we charge them? How do minimize use of batteries? Do we need to be able to move it from class to class?

Remember that bigger the device or with more parts, the higher the cost per unit for storage and management. For example you could place 8 Oculus Gos into a single box and charge them, while you can only place 3 Oculus Quest. The type of hardware you choose can increase your hardware cost by upto 30%


Hygiene is very important. One can simply wipe their faces before and after use. Probably the best is to use VR masks that can be sourced. These masks also help to protect the equipment from stains etc.